Affiliated Faculty

Bruno Gonçalves da Silva, Ph.D.

Region 2 UTC Partner, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
New Jersey Institute of Technology

New Jersey Institute of Technology
University Heights
233 Colton Hall
Newark, NJ 07102-1982

Dr. Bruno Gonçalves da Silva is a geotechnical engineer and geoscientist whose research interests are the experimental and numerical study of the fracturing processes of rocks and concrete subject to various loading conditions, with field-scale applications to the energy, environment, and civil engineering fields.

His research has focused on investigating the multi-scale physical mechanisms responsible for the fracturing of rocks that are subject to confinement stresses and hydraulic pressures, including the seismicity caused by their fracturing. Based on laboratory tests, his research group develops theoretical and numerical models to simulate and interpret fracturing mechanisms at both visible and microscopic scales. Ultimately, this elucidates the impact of these processes at the field scale. This research is particularly relevant to stability of rock slopes and underground openings, as well as applicable for enhanced geothermal systems and oil and gas exploitation.

Gonçalves da Silva also has been studying, at the fundamental level, the physical mechanisms involved in thermally-induced spalling of concrete. This is particularly relevant in the development of new construction and modeling strategies, and materials that can be used in design and construction that will make tunnels resilient and capable of resisting fires and sustain less damage.

Gonçalves da Silva studied for his bachelor of science degree in civil and environmental engineering at the Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal. He earned both his master’s and doctorate in civil and environmental engineering from MIT.