A Bridge Management System (BMS) helps agencies manage their infrastructure assets efficiently, justify funding, provide credibility to the program, and meet state and Federal requirements.

NCHRP Report 866, Return on Investment in Transportation Asset Management Systems and Practices provides a study on how agencies have seen value (as Return on Investment (ROI) from analytical transportation asset management, including seeing the value of preservation, and identifying methods such as benefit-cost analysis that quantifies this value.

This course will provide attendees an overview of what a BMS is and how a BMS can help bridge owners justify needed funds, allocate money to programs, forecast condition and performance to understand and plan for the future, do strategic analysis, select a program of projects that achieve the largest benefit over cost, and help agencies make prioritized cost-effective decisions.

Course Agenda

1) Welcome and Workshop Introduction

2) Purpose and Value of Bridge Management Systems

3) Key Features and Workflow Steps of a BMS

4) Inventory and Condition Data; Agency Goals, Objectives and Performance Measures

5) Deterioration Models

6) Modeling Actions, Triggers, Costs and Effects

7) Life‐Cycle Agency Costs and Life‐Cycle Modeling

8) Life‐Cycle User Costs and Functional Assessment and Improvement Models

9) Risk Assessment and Mitigation Models

10) Benefit‐Cost Analysis

11) Optimization and Prioritization

12) Investment Strategy Simulation and Investigation

13) Program and Project Planning and Management

14) Communication and Reporting

15) Course Wrap-Up

Meet the Instructor: Richard Dunne, PE

Richard Dunne, PE
Mr. Dunne has over 35 years of transportation experience, working in various capacities with GPI, the Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation at Rutgers University (CAIT), at Michael Baker International and New Jersey Department of Transportation. For the last year, Mr. Dunne was a Professor of Practice and Senior Research Engineer at CAIT.

Questions? Email: rdunne@gpinet.com