CAIT has one of the largest, most active, and highly respected pavement laboratories in the country. Our asphalt professionals and researchers are well versed in pavement engineering, mix design, materials testing, and the most up-to-date systems to support data-based maintenance and repair decisions.

Rutgers Asphalt Pavement Lab (RAPL) is one of the few independent, college/university-based asphalt laboratories in the United States that is accredited by the American Association of Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Re:Source program to test for Aggregates, Asphalt Binder, and Hot Mix Asphalt. Accreditation proves CAIT’s ability to deliver reliable results to agencies with strict standards, including the Federal Highway Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the Bureau of Reclamation.

RAPL/CAIT research improves existing regional infrastructure by shedding light on how pavements react to an array of variables, such as location, weather, traffic volume, and age. With improved understanding of these variables, they can develop pavements that have properties better suited to the specific environment in which they must perform. The end result is roads that are quieter, smoother, and more durable.

Pavement researchers at CAIT concentrate on finding practical, cost-effective solutions to problems that federal, state, and local transportation agencies commonly face when building and maintaining the country’s 4-million-plus road miles. Projects are funded through a diverse pool of federal and state agencies, as well as with local municipalities and industry.

More about AASHTO Accreditation

The AASHTO Accreditation Program (AAP) is the most widely accepted accrediting body in the construction materials industry. Having this certification sets CAIT’s asphalt program and personnel apart from competitors by demonstrating they have proven their competency and commitment to performing specific materials testing to the highest degree of quality and accuracy.

CAIT 2018 Accreditation Certificate

  • Lab space over 14,000 sf and $3M in equipment
    Lab space over 14,000 sf and $3M in equipment
  • AASHTO accredited materials testing
    AASHTO accredited materials testing
  • Experts making roads safer and more durable
    Experts making roads safer and more durable
CAIT pavement programs highlights

RAPL and pavement research highlights:

  • More than 14,000 square feet of laboratory space outfitted with over $3 million in permanent equipment and set-ups
  • Services in field and laboratory testing/evaluation, forensic investigations, mix designs, specifications, and more
  • Guidance for clients throughout the process of adopting advanced pavement information systems and specialized training/educational programs for DOTs and local pavement managers
  • CAIT/RAPL experts were instrumental in developing the pavement management system for NJDOT
  • Consistently producing innovative materials for cost effective, site appropriate, and long-lasting roadways of the future