The 99th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board will feature transportation professionals from around the world for a week of presentations, posters, meetings, awards, networking, and more. Use this schedule to find out when and where researchers from Rutgers CAIT will be discussing their own work.

The project is related to a recent presentation at the 2019 Graduate Seminar Series hosted by Rutgers Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, where Mr. Joseph Englot, National Director of Infrastructure Security at HNTB, discussed alternative fuel vehicles, fire events, and more.

As the USDOT Region 2 University Transportation Center, part of CAIT’s mission is to share the innovative tools, technologies, and processes that its researchers develop with the right stakeholders so that they can be implemented and solve the most pressing challenges today’s transportation network and industry faces. 

Rutgers CAIT hosted A Training Course on Ground Improvement Methods that outlined best practices for dealing with poor ground conditions at the job site. Professional engineers came to campus for the two-day event to learn about these technologies from guest instructor Jerry A. DiMaggio.