Drones Can Help Improve Safety on our Roads

By using drones to gather and evaluate interchange asset data, a team of researchers found a new potential use for UAV technology that can make collecting Wrong-Way Driving data safer and more efficient than traditional methods.

Virtual Environments Can Improve Work Zone Training

A CAIT researcher has developed two fully-interactive virtual environments that mesh innovative VR technology with the needs of infrastructure managers. Roadside crews can step into both of these bridge and pump-station environments, and step out with the hands-on experience they need to do their jobs.

UTC Students and Researchers Collaborate on Projects in The BEAST

The BEAST at Rutgers CAIT is more than just an innovative facility that can estimate the lifespan of bridge systems. It also serves as an opportunity for students to receive experiential learning through the number of research projects that piggyback on the ongoing and future accelerated testing efforts within the lab.


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