Federal Aid Essentials

Need an answer about federal aid requirements? Take advantage of the Federal Highway Administration’s online video library of Federal Aid Essentials designed specifically for LPAs, which illustrate key components of the Federal-aid program. The informational videos highlight the purposes and benefits of policies, regulations, and best practices. Over one hundred videos cover a wide range of topics of topics, including:FEDAID

  • Civil Rights
  • Project Development
  • Project Construction & Contract Administration
  • Federal-Aid Overview
  • Finance
  • Right-of-Way (ROW)
  • Environment

Topics have been condensed from complex federal regulations into easy-to-understand modules complete with real world examples. With each video under 10 minutes long, critical topics are addressed quickly and to the point. The videos are further accompanied by links to State and Federal resources such as web sites, manuals, and local technical assistance programs, ensuring you get a complete answer to your most pressing Federal-Aid questions.

FHWA announcement on federal aid resources
Federal Highway Administration
Road workers fixing pavement
Photo courtesy Washington State DOT.

Technical Briefs

For your convenience, the New Jersey Local Technical Assistance Program has made available a series of educational materials covering a wide range of topics that could be useful to your municipality. Whether its the best way to maintain your asphalt roads or fact sheets to help you manage your federal dollars, NJLTAP has the information you need.

New Jersey’s Build a Better Mousetrap Competition: What’s your bright idea?

Whether it’s a new gadget that maximizes efficiency or an innovative process that increases safety, reduces costs, or ensures quality of road maintenance and improvement projects, it’s typically the people on the front lines who discover the latest and best practices, New Jersey’s Build a Better Mousetrap Competition provides a great opportunity to share those new ideas with others!

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To check out the 2022 Build a Better Mousetrap Booklet, click here!

Federal Highway Administration

Sign Retroreflectometer Loan Program

According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), “Retroreflectivity” refers to the ability of a traffic sign to reflect light back to driver, pedestrians, or cyclist. This becomes particularly important at night where poor visibility becomes an issue. In an attempt to remedy this and improve safety standards, FHWA has released standards detailing minimum levels of acceptable sign retroreflectivity.

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speed limit signs showing various retroreflectivity from dim to bright
Federal Highway Administration
highway construction project
AASHTO has an online portal with info on the federal surface transportation act. Photo: iStock/Alex Potemkin/PROSTO Advertising.

Federal Surface Transportation Act Portal

Check out AASHTO’s portal for information on federal surface transportation authorization. This is a regularly updated resource on MAP-21 reauthorization and implementation of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act. Included is a breakdown of the bill, summaries, implementation strategies, and congresional proposals involved in its passing. AASHTO welcomes your input in making this portal as useful as possible! Please contact Bryan Hong of AASHTO at bhong@aashto.org with your suggestions

Technical Support For Local Agencies

NJ LTAP offers no-cost technical assistance and support to counties and municipalities who are facing engineering challenges such as safety improvement and infrastructure management. While NJLTAP cannot provide design, professional engineering, or consulting services, we can give guidance before or during your itneractions with professional engineering consultants and contractors and assist in interpreting regulations such as those set forth in the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

road widening project in Washington state
Road improvement project. Photo: Washington State DOT.


The Local Aid Resource Center is a centralized source for information and your connection to a team of experts ready to guide you through the grant application process,assist you with project selection or provide guidance for other technical needs. The Resource Center is a new statewide effort designed to serve the needs of the 21 counties and 565 local governments throughout the state. The center will fulfill the vision of Commissioner Gutierrez-Scaccetti to assist the local government community by guiding grant applications and the project delivery process while enhancing collaboration with the common goal of a connected and efficient transportation network.

The new Resource Center team is available to assist your community with project planning, project delivery, communications, grant application, guidance through the federal process, and much more. We have created a dedicated hotline to provide prompt responses to your questions and concerns. We also plan to establish and maintain a social media presence for information sharing that promotes your successes and best practices.