Photo: ©Drew Noel Photography/Rutgers CAIT

Photo gallery

Photos for download (password required)

There currently are two collections of high-resolution images available for download by the press and trade media: photos of the BEAST’s construction and of the completed facility.

A password is required to view and access these images. Please contact CAIT by calling 848-445-0579 or email with the subject line “BEAST image request” to obtain password.

Using the photos

The credit line and a general caption is contained in the metadata of each photo.

The appropriate credit/attribution must appear with the image in any medium (web, print, PowerPoints, signage, videos, etc.)

For those unfamiliar with accessing image metadata, it can be viewed through Adobe Bridge or a similar image viewing program. Expand the IPTC core tab, scroll down to the “credit line” field; do not use the “creator” field as credit.

CAIT kindly requests you send a copy of the final piece, or a link if it is web content or a video, to the CAIT communications director.

General media coverage of the BEAST and dedication day

CAIT-produced videos
Print and online publications
Photo: ©Drew Noel Photography/Rutgers CAIT