CASE Construction Equipment will award a $25,000 equipment grant to support a deserving village, town, municipality, or county for construction or repair of its community infrastructure.

The goal of the Dire States Equipment Grant is to help mitigate the costs of equipment rental—up to $25,000—on an infrastructure project that will have a direct positive influence. From fixing roads and bridges to building parks and playgrounds, CASE wants to support projects that create safer, more connected communities. (This can include roads, bridges, tunnels, water supplies, sewers, electrical grids, telecommunications, schools, parks, or recreational facilities).

To win, applicants must effectively communicate the local impact their project will have on all aspects of residents’ daily life. The equipment grant will be awarded to the contractor partnering with the town/county to help complete the work and lowering its total cost.

You can find the full form at

Read the entry rules here. Enter using this form by March 31, 2019 to help improve your community.

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