To transform our communities into healthy places, we need to invest in creating streets and neighborhoods that make regular physical activity easy, through walking and bicycling. But communities can’t develop robust active transportation networks that support a range of users without adequate funding. The good news is that local governments can employ proven active transportation financing strategies to create active communities, improving health and well-being for everyone who lives there—children, families, and older adults.

A new report, Investing in Health: Robust Local Active Transportation Financing for Healthy Communities, will help health professionals and others understand why we need robust active transportation financing, what the evidence shows, and how we can use funding to create healthy, active communities. The report explains what active transportation financing is and how it works, sets out the benefits of increased active transportation financing in local government, examines different approaches in local communities, and explores important considerations regarding policy goals and campaign directions.

Learn more: Join a free active transportation financing webinar on January 31 to hear from speakers from BikeWalkKC of Kansas City, Missouri, and Investing in Place, Los Angeles, who will share lessons from their exciting and inspiring local active transportation financing success stories.