By: Jeffrey B. Shaw, P.E., FHWA Office of Safety

FHWA‘s Intersection Safety Program is pleased to announce several new outreach and education products to assist our State, local, and Tribal partners in advancing intersection safety efforts in their communities. These products were identified based on feedback from stakeholders in our Intersection Focus States.

Public Service Announcements (PSA)

Image shows the four Informational One Pagers.

Two new PSAs are 30-second audio clips intended for over-the-air or streaming broadcast. They are designed to inform the public about the safety benefits of roundabouts and restricted crossing U-turn (RCUT) intersections, in hopes that when proposed in a community, members of the public will recall that these intersection types are safer. The roundabouts PSA uses a twist on the familiar “The Wheels on the Bus” sing-along, and the RCUT PSA drives home the “RCUTs are cutting” theme of reducing crashes and delay.

Informational Videos

Three new videos have been produced to help advance efforts to implement intersection solutions that also reflect the Safe System approach. For intersections, this approach involves separating users in space, separating users in time, modifying conflict angles, and reducing speed through conflict areas—all to manage the kinetic energy involved in a potential collision. Each video is 3–5 minutes, and is intended to help State, local, and Tribal agencies explain these intersections to their communities.