Clear Roads researchers gathered information about plowing 10 different types of intersections and interchanges and identified best practices. They then developed a complete set of training materials, including a video (with clearing animations), a manual, and reference cards.

Survey respondents from 21 states evaluated and commented on proposed plow paths, techniques, and equipment for clearing snow from 10 road layouts:

    1. 1. Roundabout intersection
    1. 2. Four-leg intersection
    1. 3. Displaced left-turn intersection
    1. 4. Median U-turn intersection
    1. 5. Double roundabout interchange
    1. 6. Diamond interchange
    1. 7. Cloverleaf interchange with C/D lanes
    1. 8. Single-point interchange
    1. 9. Diverging diamond interchange
    1. 10. Directional T interchange.

The primary training tool researchers created is a 66-minute video with a chapter menu directing to each geometry type. The video sequences include detailed animated sequences for each configuration, showing plow trucks following specific plow paths to clear the roads.

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