Assessment of Waterfront Asset Resiliency

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CAIT project no.: CAIT-UTC-REG83

Fiscal Year: 2021/2022

Status: In Progress

Principal investigator(s): Robert Miskewitz, Ph.D. (PI), Rutgers University
Daniel Barone, Ph.D., (Co-PI), Rutgers University

Performing organization(s): Rutgers CAIT

Managing organization: Rutgers CAIT

In cooperation with: Turner Construction
Partner project manager: Pat Di Filippo, Executive VP

Supported by: USDOT-OST-R

UTC, grant, or agreement no.: 69A3551847102


The primary goal of this proposal is to enhance the understanding of hazards, vulnerabilities, and potential impacts on critical assets at the Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club and develop effective strategies for risk reduction and resilience enhancement.

The intended outcome of the project is to generate data to develop a “Waterfront Infrastructure GeoDatabase Interface” or WIGI, viewable as a customized Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) ArcGIS Pro Software Application that will include a geolocated 3D visualization of identified assets with their associated attribute tables, and functionality to perform RAMCAP analysis. This tool will provide valuable insights for the Yacht Club Management to make informed decisions, plan to allocate resources effectively, and enhance the overall resilience of their waterfront site.