Development and Implementation of the Division of Research and Technology Web Page

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CAIT project no.: 87 RU898

Fiscal Year: 1998/1999

Status: Final

Rutgers-CAIT Author(s): Patrick J. Szary, Judson Wible, Matthew Zeller, Ali Maher

External Author(s): Nicholas Vitillo



The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) Research Division increased their output of technology transfer with the creation of an interactive web page. The web page provides technology transfer through information distribution of current as well as previous research to those who browse through the site. Current news and updates are available on the “what’s new page.” A photographic outline of the Research Division hierarchy, mission, strategic plan, and core values are available. Online distribution of resources for research associates provides a valuable tool for the University and research communities. Web page education of the NJDOT Research Division employees was included with the project. This allowed Research Division employees the ability to modify the graphics and other essential elements to the presentation of the website. The final placement of the website was to be located at the New Jersey Department of Transportation site. This allows Research Division employees to update and change sections of the site to provide up to date information to research professionals and others who would be using the website resources.