Development & Implementation of NJ TRANSIT’s Access Link Program

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CAIT project no.: CAIT-UTC-NC26

Fiscal Year: 2015/2016

Status: Final

Rutgers-CAIT Author(s): Brian Tobin, Patrick Szary, Ph.D

External Author(s): Ronnie Siriani

Sponsor(s): USDOT-FHWA, NJ Transit


This research project will rely on both primary and secondary written sources as well as interviews with the developers themselves.  In anticipation of this proposal, permission and access have been requested and sought after from New Jersey Transit.

The following individuals have agreed to be interviewed for this project.  All were instrumental to the original development of the program.  Some of the individuals are retired so their titles are their last or most relevant title.

• Ronnie Siriani – General Manager of Access Link and ADA Services of NJ Transit

• David Rishel – Former Director of the program and was involved with much of the development and the formulation of the ADA plan and the policies and structure/design of this program.

• Al Dominguez – Former director of the Operations Center for many years.  Al was with NJT from Access Link’s very early days and has much of the history

• Ed Hoff – Current Director of ADA Compliance for NJ TRANSIT.  He was also there from the early days and was involved with the plan as well as accessibility in general in all its facets.

• Karen Alexander – Current Managing Director of the New Jersey Travel Independence Program at Rutgers University and lifelong expert on disability transportation issues.  She was part of the implementation of the New Jersey program and the program in New York City.

• Other individuals – Ms. Siriani has agreed to allow access to any other her employees that are comfortable with participating in the project.

As is the case with most research projects, a prospective outline is laid out below, but as conversations and dialogues progress, it will be important to re-evaluate the scope and premise as new information becomes available.


• History

– ADA Mandate/Requirements

– Start of Program

– What were the goals of the program upon implementation?

– What challenges existed from logistical, societal, and professional sources?

• Customer Service

– How to Supply Service and Needs?

– Addressing the Needs of Constituents

• Finances

– Funding Mechanisms

– Funding implies value – How, where, challenges?

• On the Outside Looking In – National Experts

• Challenges, Competition, & Future Directions Addressed?

• Personal goals

• Evaluation of Success?