Empty Intermodal Container Management

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CAIT project no.: 151 RU9174

Fiscal Year: 2004/2005

Status: Final

Rutgers-CAIT Author(s): Maria Boile

External Author(s): Nazhat Aboobaker



This research analyzes the empty marine container accumulation problem specific to the region of NY/NJ. An elaborate literature review is performed. Critical factual documentation is presented and subsequently the empty container logistics are presented. The factors affecting accumulation and the complex relationships between players and stakeholders involved are discussed. A mapping of the movement of containers at a global, regional and local level, with a focus on the movement and accumulation of empty containers is presented. The relative merits and limitations of addressing the problem at a regional and local level are critically discussed and analyzed. A conceptual decision making procedure based on empirical goal setting is presented. Key efforts and projects, which if implemented have the potential to increase the efficiency of the current system and reduce the overall costs associated with moving and storing empty containers are outlined.