Enhanced Maritime Asset Management System (MAMS)

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CAIT project no.: CAIT-UTC-REG42

Fiscal Year: 2018/2019

Status: Final

Principal investigator(s): Yun Bai, Ph.D., Rutgers CAIT

Performing organization(s): Rutgers CAIT

Managing organization: Rutgers CAIT

In cooperation with: New Jersey Department of Transportation
Partner project manager: Scott Douglas

Supported by: USDOT-OST-R

UTC, grant, or agreement no.: 69A3551847102


Rutgers CAIT has worked with NJDOT to develop a prototype Maritime Asset Management System (MAMS) that can be used to meet the transportation asset management plan (TAMP) requirements and aid with capital planning and resource allocation. The state-of-the-art TAM approach has been implemented in a desktop-based user interface software application. The goal of the project is renovate the current MAMS prototype software to improve the user experience and extend the functionality of the tool.

The intended outcome of the project is the development of an asset management software that embeds advanced analytical models with input-output user interface that can be used to run the analysis, produce results and generate reports for the NJDOT. The tool will be continually improved and maintained to produce a more advanced product that can be used by other transportation agencies.