Erosion Control of Sandy Soil

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CAIT project no.: FHWA NJ 2001 019

Fiscal Year: 1996/1997

Status: Final

External Author(s): Vincent F. Nichnadowicz



The southern half of New Jersey is composed primarily of sandy, nutrient-poor soils that do not support traditional roadside grasses well. The decreasing amount of funds for mowing, the need to reduce pollution from mowing operations and the need to find a grass that would provide good erosion control on poor, sandy soils lead to a demonstration of the potential to use weeping love grass in place of traditional roadside grass mixes. By enriching the soil with bio-solids it was demonstrated that a good stand of weeping love grass could create a meadow in place of mostly barren soil. Since the grass thrives with only a single fall mowing, maintenance costs are significantly reduced and potential reduction in air pollutants are possible.