Evaluation of the Automated Distress Survey Equipment

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CAIT project no.: 224 RU3382

Fiscal Year: 2007/2008

Status: Final

Rutgers-CAIT Author(s): Nicholas Vitillo, Nenad Gucunski, Carl Rascoe

External Author(s): Sameh Zaghloul, Vincent Nichnadowicz, NJDOT Research Project Manager



This research:

  • Illustrated the abilities and limitations of the Automated Distress Survey Equipment and Software to collect, characterize, and analyze pavement cracking distresses under different lighting conditions.
  • Assessed the NJDOT profiler crew’s evaluation of these same sections.
  • Used graphical comparisons and statistical analyses to make assessments of repeatability of multiple test runs under different lighting conditions and different degrees of data processing.

This research concludes that based on the analysis, the Automated Distress Survey Equipment can be used to collect cracking distress data with quality control checks to ensure that the cracking data collected, characterized, and analyzed is accurate.

This research recommends that the NJDOT needs to collaborate with the vendor to refine the data collection and analysis procedures to differentiate the location of cracking (within and outside of the wheel paths) and to provide quality control on the data collection and analysis.