Improving the Long-Term Performance of Bridge Decks through Full-Scale Accelerated Testing

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CAIT project no.: CAIT-UTC-REG36

Fiscal Year: 2018/2019

Status: Final

Principal investigator(s): Franklin Moon, Ph.D. (PI), Rutgers CAIT
John Braley (Co-PI), Rutgers CAIT

Performing organization(s): Rutgers CAIT

Managing organization: Rutgers CAIT

In cooperation with: Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.
Partner project manager: Richard Dunne, National Director Bridge Preservation

Supported by: USDOT-OST-R

UTC, grant, or agreement no.: 69A3551847102


The primary goal of this proposal is to leverage the testing being conducted by FHWA within the BEAST lab to develop a better understanding of the demands for which bridge decks are exposed to in service. The hope is that this work will ultimately contribute to improved design/material/construction approaches to produce more durable bridge decks.

The intended outcome of the project is to determine the role of temperature gradients on structural response and deck stress. This knowledge will provide more accurate estimation of deck demands and ensure that new designs properly account for temperature effects thereby resulting in more durable bridge decks that are less prone to cracking. Results of this research will be presented to AASHTO for possible revision of bridge design specification. Results will also be made available to DOTs for incorporation into their design methodologies.