Route 130 Bridge Snowfree Installation Electrical Analysis and Recommendations

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CAIT project no.: FHWA NJ 1998 008

Fiscal Year: 1996/1997

Status: Final

Rutgers-CAIT Author(s): Michael F. Caggiano, Michael Bentley

External Author(s): Nicholas Vitillo



Results of an experimental investigation on the properties of a snowfree installation for a bridge deck are reported. The New Jersey Department of Transportation has contracted the Superior Graphite Company to provide a heated pavement system for a small bridge on Route 130 in South New Jersey. The system uses synthetic graphite to make the asphalt conductive so that when electrical power is applied the pavement will dissipate heat to melt snow and ice. The initial installation was unsuccessful and the main objective of this proposal is to provide support to eliminate or mitigate the problems of the initial installation. The recommendation concerning construction and material procedures will be employed in the installation of an improved system which could potentially serve as a model for future heated pavement systems.