South Jersey Real-Time Motorist Information System

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CAIT project no.: 90 RU924

Fiscal Year: 1998/1999

Status: Final

Rutgers-CAIT Author(s): Kaan Ozbay, Bekir Bartin

External Author(s): Karl Brodtman



In this project, NJDOT is interested in reducing traffic congestion in the Camden, NJ area, which is mainly caused by the traffic to Philadelphia during morning peak hours. For this purpose 5 traffic sensors are installed on Hwy 42, I-76 and I-676 on the north bound direction to monitor traffic volume, occupancy, and speed. Based on the data gathered from these 5 sensors, traffic congestion is detected and target drivers are informed about the congestion by pagers. The southern NJ highway network is modeled in Paramics microscopic simulation software. The simulation model is used to evaluate various configurations of sensor locations in accuracy of congestion detection.