Study of the Effects of Buried Pipe Integrity on Roadway Subsidence

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CAIT project no.: Pipe RU6558

Fiscal Year: 2005/2006

Status: Final

Rutgers-CAIT Author(s): Husam Najm, Nenad Gucunski, Ali Maher

Sponsor(s): Oldcastle Pipe Company, FHWA-USDOT


The performance of roadway pavement is significantly affected by the integrity of buried pipes underneath. It is important that these pipes remain structurally sound during the life of the roadway for a better performance and uninterrupted service. Damage or total loss of the pipe will result in structural damage to the pavement, excessive deflections, and roadway subsidence or collapse. In the event of a roadway subsidence or collapse, the roadway or sections of it will be fully or partially closed to traffic for repair. Road closure and detours would cost the traveling public (trucking industry and passenger vehicles) in travel delay and added vehicle operating costs. One-lane closures usually result in approximately 30-60 minutes of delay per vehicle, and would cost the public in gas costs and additional costs due to travel delays. The added cost of travel would cause loss of revenues for businesses in New Jersey.