The Effect Warm Mix Asphalt on RAP in Hot Mix Asphalt

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CAIT project no.: 254-RU2449

Fiscal Year: 2009/2010

Status: Final

Rutgers-CAIT Author(s): Thomas Bennert, Ph.D.

External Author(s): Nazhat Aboobaker, NJDOT


The objective of The Effect of Warm Mix Asphalt on RAP in HMA project, is to determine whether recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) can be used at typical and higher percentages in warm mix asphalt (WMA). The goal with warm mix asphalt is to produce mixtures with similar strength, durability, and performance characteristics as hot mix asphalt using substantially reduced production temperatures. There are important environmental and health benefits associated with reduced production temperatures including: lower greenhouse gas emissions, lower fuel consumption, and reduced exposure of workers to asphalt fumes. One of the critical issues facing warm mix asphalt is the lack of a formal mixture design procedure. If warm mix asphalt is to replace or be used in conjunction with hot mix asphalt in the future, a laboratory mixture design procedure for warm mix asphalt must be established.