Variability of Travel Times on New Jersey Highways

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CAIT project no.: NJIT RU8466

Fiscal Year: 2007/2008

Status: Final

Rutgers-CAIT Author(s): Maria Boile

External Author(s): Steven Chien, NJIT



The New Jersey Department of Transportation has planned to evaluate the variability of travel times for some of New Jersey’s congested highways. In order to identify highways with high variability in day-to-day travel times to work, obtaining good estimates with high accuracy of non-recurring delay from incidents (e.g., accidents and work zone activities) is critical. However, it is a challenge to design a data collection plan to establish a reliable database containing enough samples to reflect time-varying travel time information (e.g., mean and standard deviation of travel times) suitable for transportation modeling and planning. The objectives of this study are:

  1. To measure travel times for repetitive day-to-day trips in the AM peak period on 15-20 congested New Jersey highways;
  2. To study the variability of travel times on these highways and determine good estimates of non-recurring delay (e.g., accidents and work zone activities); and
  3. To identify problematic highways with high variability in day-to-day travel times to work.