UITP Rail Yard Tour

NARTC students attended a technical tour of an NJ TRANSIT Rail Yard after the Public Transport Fundamentals course in July.

As the global demand for sustainable urban mobility grows, UITP, alongside its North American members, recognized the need to take a proactive role in enhancing the skills of the region’s public transport workforce. NJ TRANSIT and Rutgers CAIT emerged as a strategic partner to establish the first Regional Training Center in North America earlier this year.

UITP Class

In March 2023, the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), NJ TRANSIT, and Rutgers Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation (CAIT) came together to establish the North American Regional Training Center (NARTC) dedicated to advancing the knowledge and skills of the public transport sector.

Year one saw NARTC host five training programs engaging more than 150 transit professionals from leading transportation agencies in the region including NJ Transit, NY City Transit, Washington DC WMATA, and STM-Montreal. The courses covered Fundamentals of Public Transit, Electric Bus Planning, Rail Operations and Maintenance, and Ticketing and Fare Management.

The live in-person training sessions were enriched by the presence of more than 20 leading industry experts and trainers from both North America and Europe. This highly skilled and diverse group facilitated insightful discussions and shared experiences with participants, creating a dynamic learning environment.

UITP Class Day 1

“I am very pleased at the great success of our recently launched North American Regional Training Center, formed in partnership with UITP and Rutgers Center for Advanced Infrastructure & Transportation (CAIT),” said NJ TRANSIT President & CEO Kevin S. Corbett. “This achievement is a testament to the effective collaboration with UITP and Rutgers CAIT, and I want to express our gratitude for their contributions.  We all are committed to enhancing the transit system in New Jersey and the rest of North America, and to fostering a skilled workforce to create a better future for our communities.”

The feedback from participants highlighted several key learnings, emphasizing the importance of gaining inspiration for transformative thinking and promoting positive change. Attendees valued the diverse perspectives offered by speakers and trainers from different environments and organizations, showcasing the variety of experiences and challenges faced in the industry. Participants also expressed appreciation for the global perspective provided by the instructors.

Having completed year one in November, NARTC is now preparing for classes in 2024.

Confirmed programs to date include:

  • March 26 – 28: Public Transport Fundamentals
  • June 18 – 20: Bus Operations and Excellence
  • October 9 – 11: Rail Operation & Maintenance

Registration is now open for Public Transport Fundamentals in March. Other class openings will be announced in early 2024.

“It is with a great sense of pride that the UITP Academy is bringing services to members in North America,” said Lindsey Mancini, Senior Director UITP; Events and Academy Services. “The tailor-made programmes address key sector issues in the USA and Canada, resulting in knowledge and skills applicable to the local workforce.”

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