NJLTAP Enews Volume 20 – Issue 5 – September/October 2018

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) is committed to facilitating a new era of transportation innovation and safety and ensuring that our country remains a leader in automation. USDOT is acting as a convener and facilitator, partnering with a broad coalition of industry, academic, states, local communities, safety advocacy, and transportation stakeholders to support the safe development, testing, and deployment of automated vehicle technology.

Preparing for the Future of Transportation: Automated Vehicles 3.0 (AV 3.0) builds upon Automated Driving Systems 2.0: A Vision for Safety (ADS 2.0). AV 3.0 expands the scope of this police initiative to all surface on-road transportation systems, and was developed through the input from a diverse set of stakeholder engagements throughout the nation. AV 3.0 is structured around three key areas:

  • Advancing multi-modal safety
  • Reducing policy uncertainty
  • Outlining a process for working with USDOT

USDOT sees AV 3.0 as the beginning of a national discussion about the future of our on-road surface transportation system. The agency is seeking public comments on the AV 3.0.

You can download the entire PDF at https://www.transportation.gov/av/3/preparing-future-transportation-automated-vehicles-3

September/October 2018