On August 30th, Rutgers CAIT hosted UTC partners from Rowan University to discuss their research Evaluating the Mobility Impacts of American Dream Complex and Developing Innovative Intersection Safety Tools, as part of a presentation during the CAIT Seminar Series. Watch a recording of the presentation below.


University Transportation Center (UTC) Partners at Rowan University conducted a feasibility study during the past year analyzing potential mobility and safety concerns of high-density transportation networks in New Jersey, specifically the area surrounding the new American Dream Mall in East Rutherford. While the project was impacted by lessening traffic volume due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team was still able to collect valuable mobility data on the surrounding area while also developing an innovative AI tool to assess intersection safety.

In a recent edition of the CAIT Seminar Series, they discussed their findings on the mobility impacts of the American Dream Mall, reviewed the new intersection safety tool they developed as part of the research, and talked about important next steps in developing effective and innovative solutions to alleviate traffic congestion and motor vehicle crashes around this complex and at intersections in general.