The main objectives of this research are to 1) determine correlations between structural monitoring data and bridge condition, 2) develop analytical methods for processing and interpreting structural monitoring data, and 3) develop a model for predicting the remaining service life of structural members based on strain respo

From addressing the challenges posed by COVID-19 to maintaining our roads, bridges, and other critical infrastructure in the region, take a look at some of the recent highlights from researchers at Rutgers Center for Advanced infrastructure and Transportation (CAIT) as we head into the new year and close out 2021.

The primary goal of this proposal is to perform extensive overview of the state-of-the-art technologies for structural health monitoring of tunnels. Such an overview aspires to serve as a source of information and basis on decision making for practitioners and asset managers, who are interested in instrumenting the tunnels.

Amid restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the region, researchers at the Rutgers Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation have still been able to conduct important work and take on new challenges in transportation—highlighted by recent media coverage and virtual events.

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