CAIT's BEAST Lab has been testing a full-scale, 50-ft. bridge deck for a project sponsored by the FHWA to learn about how the bridge deteriorates under exposure to extreme environmental conditions and traffic loading — and to evaluate emerging bridge preservation technologies such as UHPC.

Dr. Matthew Bandelt, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and a CAIT University Transportation Center partner, won the award to continue his research studying the use of highly ductile concrete materials in structural systems.

This follow up, 2-day session is intended to build upon the content previously covered in the Fundamentals of Asset Management Part 1 course and is generally geared towards folks who are involved with or responsible for maintenance and operations planning and management.

The way that we think about and use transportation as it exists today has been shaped by innovative women leaders throughout history. They have contributed greatly to the safety of all modes of travel, efficiency of our transportation systems, and the development of new technology that drives transportation into the future.

During this talk, Dr. Yeganeh Hayeri will evaluate this gap by utilizing a systematic review approach to categorize and synthesize the principal existing concepts in surface transportation systems using machine learning algorithms while decomposing them into their fundamental elements.