This follow up session is intended to build upon the content previously covered in the Fundamentals of Asset Management Part 1 course (The TAM Journey & Fundamental Components) and is generally geared towards folks who are involved with or responsible for maintenance and operations planning and management, and or those who are involved with or responsible for the development of capital planning and programming.

The course will delve deeply into the use of current asset investment planning technologies and methods and will demonstrate how users can perform life cycle planning and trade off analysis that result in objectively derived asset and portfolio interventions that are based on quantifiable data and human applied influences.

Course Agenda

Asset Investment Planning (AIP)

  • Life cycle modeling (Day 1)
    • Establish existing asset condition
      • Current condition from inspections
      • Use historical data where applicable
    • Define risk and resiliency metrics
      • Using an all-hazards approach
  • Establish future asset performance
    • Define/develop performance models
  • Define and quantify agencies asset interventions
    • Costs
    • Benefits
    • Applicability constraints


  • Life cycle planning (Day 2)
    • Configure AIP system
      • Asset hierarchy
      • Intervention types and costs
      • Constraints (cost, performance, risk, resiliency, political, etc.)
    • Develop, configure, and run what-if scenarios
      • Performance and resilience targets and measure
      • Balance funding with asset performance
        • Done at asset and portfolio level
        • Prioritization versus optimization
      • Trade-off analysis
      • Review and refine scenarios
    • Update M&O and CPM plans

Meet the Instructors:

Dan Barone, Ph.D.
Dr. Barone brings approximately 15 years of leadership experience performing research activities related to coastal zone management including coastal storm vulnerability assessments, FEMA floodplain studies, sediment transport studies, beneficial use of dredged material assessments, and shore protection evaluations.
Mr. Dave Kuhn
Mr. Kuhn is Assistant Vice President with GPI and has 34 years of transportation experience including transportation asset management policy, performance management, and capital investment planning. He completed a 30-year career with NJDOT in 2017, serving in numerous roles.

FAM Part 2: Asset Planning

Yun Bai, Ph.D.
Dr. Bai is an assistant research professor at Rutgers CAIT. She has over 12 years of research experience in developing operations research, management science, and systems engineering methodologies to solve transportation systems and infrastructure asset management problems.
Baris Salman, Ph.D.
Dr. Salman is an Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Syracuse University. His research focuses on infrastructure asset management; particularly on improving decision making procedures for maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, and construction of physical infrastructure.