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The primary goal of this proposal is to develop a customized concept of operations (ConOps) of rail track asset management and risk management, built upon an understanding of existing practice, needs, and gaps. The ConOps will be customized to a particular rail agency: PATH.

This research will adopt an “user-in-…

FProject Status: Final Fiscal Year: FY2018/2019

Several transit agencies nationwide have owned ADA-complementary paratransit facilities since the mid-1990s. A few others have taken to facility ownership within the past decade. NJ TRANSIT has always leased its facilities for Access Link, the ADA-complementary paratransit service provided in parts of 18 New Jersey count…

FProject Status: Final Fiscal Year: FY2014/2015
211 RU8959

The primary focus of this report is to demonstrate the suitability of an inorganic polymer composite coating for transportation-related structures. This report presents the results of three field applications and evaluation of graffiti resistance including removal techniques, self-cleaning, and depollution properties.

FProject Status: Final Fiscal Year: FY2010/2011

The purpose of this project is to investigate the potential role of short line railroads in the U.S. to perform intermodal terminal operations and distribute/pick-up containers/trailers in metropolitan areas. Included in this project is an investigation of the potential for short line railroads to serve industrial parks …

FProject Status: Final Fiscal Year: FY2008/2009