Blacktop Resurfacing of Bridge Decks

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CAIT project no.: FHWA NJ 2001 011

Fiscal Year: 1997/1998

Status: Final

Rutgers-CAIT Author(s): Dunja Mikulic, Nenad Gucunski, Ali Maher

External Author(s): Anthony Chmiel



Durability of concrete bridge decks to mechanical and environmental effects is examined for the purpose of evaluation of effects of blacktop resurfacing of bridge decks. Aggressive environmental actions on reinforced concrete are described, classified and equivalent environmental loads presented. To explain effects of aggressive environmental loads, concrete transport properties dependent on: concrete structure, external effects, mechanisms in concrete, and chemical reactions of aggregates are discussed in detail. Mathematical formulation (model) for durability design of reinforced concrete structures is presented. The model allows estimation of various stages in corrosion progression in reinforced concrete structures: from initiation to propagation of reinforcement corrosion. The process can be effectively described using fuzzy sets. To enable evaluation of susceptibility of reinforced concrete to corrosion attacks, various electrochemical and nonelectrochemical methods are presented and discussed. Various types of overlays, that can be employed for bridge deck protection and/or repair, are discussed with respect to required properties. Special attention is given to application of corrosion inhibitors in both concrete and asphalt concrete, if used as a bridge deck overlay.