Evaluation of Pothole Patching Materials

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CAIT project no.: FHWA NJ 2001 002

Fiscal Year: 1996/1997

Status: Final

Rutgers-CAIT Author(s): Nenad Gucunski, Ali Maher, William Yanko, Fontina Petsi

External Author(s): Robert Baker



The following report summarizes the results of the research that has been conducted on the evaluation of pothole patching materials and repair procedures. The purpose of the project is the identification of improved bituminous pothole patching materials and repair procedures for bituminous concrete pavements and the establishment of laboratory techniques for quality assurance of those materials. The New Jersey Department of Transportation sponsored the project and the research is conducted by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, coordinated and monitored by NJDOT Bureau of Research. The project followed the SHRP-H-353 outline, since it is considered as the most extensive attempt to date for the evaluation of pothole patching materials.