Comparative Analysis of Rapid Chloride Penetration Testing for Novel Reinforced Concrete Systems

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CAIT project no.: CAIT-UTC-REG57

Fiscal Year: 2020/2021

Status: Final

Principal investigator(s): Matthew Bandelt, Ph.D. (PI), New Jersey Institute of Technology
Matthew P. Adams, Ph.D. (Co-PI), New Jersey Institute of Technology

Performing organization(s): New Jersey Institute of Technology

Managing organization: Rutgers CAIT

In cooperation with: New Jersey Department of Transportation
Partner project manager: Yong Zeng, Senior Engineer, Bureau of Materials

Supported by: USDOT-OST-R

UTC, grant, or agreement no.: 69A3551847102


Transportation agencies have been rapidly deploying emerging concrete materials to improve the sustainability and durability of reinforced concrete infrastructure. This project will focus on the chloride penetration behavior of several novel concrete materials in comparison to baseline ordinary portland cement concrete mixtures that are representative of systems used in transportation agencies in the northeast region of the United States. The goal of this research study is to create an understanding of how novel concrete materials such as ductile concrete systems (e.g., UHPC, ECC, HyFRC) and recycled aggregate concrete behave in rapid chloride environments.

The intended outcome of the project is to support transportation agencies in selecting and implementing novel concrete materials to improve durability of the  transportation infrastructure.