Pavement Evaluation Project: Tire/Pavement Interface Noise Results on Massachusetts Pavements Using On-Board Sound Intensity

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CAIT project no.: OBSI-RU3176

Fiscal Year: 2010/2011

Status: Final

Rutgers-CAIT Author(s): John Hencken, Thomas Bennert, Ph.D.

External Author(s): Mark Gabriel

Sponsor(s): All States Material Principal


The main focus of the All States Massachusetts study will be to look at the noise levels that result from the different materials All States has designed and produced over the last ten years. Initially, the goal is to simply quantify the noise properties of the pavements in Massachusetts. Then a secondary goal after finding the overall noise levels would be to analyze differences in the sound properties due to differences in mix type, mix design, and aging. This information can then be utilized throughout the pavement selection process to allow for noise concerns to be accounted for while retaining the safety and maintenance capabilities necessary in a given locale. This project will encompass fifteen different pavement surfaces located throughout eastern Massachusetts. The measurements will be recorded between December 13, 2010 and December 17, 2010. The pavement selection was completed by All States Material Group. Each pavement section is roughly two miles long, which will allow the CAIT acoustic technicians to choose appropriate testing locations according to the AASHTO TP 76-09 specifications.