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Bridge to Employment is a J&J youth development program designed to inspire young people from historically marginalized communities to stay in school and pursue STEM careers. A local site kicked off year 3 of its program with lab tours and technology demonstrations at Rutgers CAIT this September.

A three-year project at Columbia University is building Digital Twins of intersections, roadways, and other key infrastructure in New York City to monitor and map traffic flow throughout the city. Using Digital Twins can help officials simulate traffic and congestion conditions and test potential mitigation strategies.

The Walter L. Huber Civil Engineering Research Prizes are awarded to ASCE members for notable achievements in research related to civil engineering. Dr. Hao Wang was recognized by ASCE with a Huber Prize this year for his innovative research developing sustainable, durable, resilient, and smart pavement systems.

CAIT's BEAST Lab has been testing a full-scale, 50-ft. bridge deck for a project sponsored by the FHWA to learn about how the bridge deteriorates under exposure to extreme environmental conditions and traffic loading — and to evaluate emerging bridge preservation technologies such as UHPC.

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