The Annual New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) Research Showcase is an opportunity for New Jersey’s transportation community to experience the broad scope of ongoing academic research initiatives and share technology transfer activities being conducted by institutions of higher education and their associates.

This summer, the BEAST Lab at Rutgers CAIT began to evaluate emerging bridge preservation technologies in addition to ongoing testing of a full-scale, 50-ft. bridge deck. Specifically, researchers started investigating UHPC to establish measurements of the material’s long-term performance under real-world conditions.

Due to how it is sourced and produced, the mechanical properties and characteristics of Recycled Concrete Aggregate can vary greatly. As demand for this material grows, it is important for the construction industry to understand the nature of RCA and how it can be applied to different projects.

Bridge to Employment is a J&J youth development program designed to inspire young people from historically marginalized communities to stay in school and pursue STEM careers. A local site kicked off year 3 of its program with lab tours and technology demonstrations at Rutgers CAIT this September.