The New Jersey Local Technical Assistance Program (NJLTAP) continues to produce remote training opportunities for you as New Jersey remains under COVID-19 restrictions.

As we transition additional workshops into online learning, we ask that you keep watching for our email announcements and the website. While we remain uncertain about when in-person training will resume, we are finding that many of our audience are successfully adapting to the online training. We are still able to provide you with Professional Development Hours and Certified Public Works Managers credit when appropriate.

Even though we are anxious to be reunited with you all in person, we are exploring the possibility that events will not be able to resume in the fall. In that instance, we will continue offering training online.

Please remember that we are also here, via email, to help you with your technical assistance requests. Our retroreflectometer loan program is still accessible as well. If you have any questions, please email Our entire team wishes you good health and well-being this summer.