Transportation professionals from around the world came together last week to share research, discuss the future of the industry, network, and more. Among them, researchers from CAIT shared their own work ranging from autonomous vehicles and accessibility to preventing tunnel fires.

As the Region 2 UTC lead institution, Rutgers CAIT gathered its consortium partners and high-level industry leaders to discuss the next round of UTC projects, clients’ priorities, and collaboration. Discussions focused on finding real-world implementable solutions for pressing transportation issues in the region.

The Training Resources Workgroup of the National LTAP Association developed Tailgate Safety Briefing Packages for agencies to use in periodic safety talks with their crews. Topics include cold-weather precautions and staying fit for snowfighting.

With new innovations in LED technology, great strides have been taken to equip police vehicles with efficient, brighter lighting to enhance the visibility of police cars and emergency vehicles when they are responding to a call, enforcing the law, or saving a life.

FHWA acting administrator Brandye Hendrickson has announced the fifth round of the agency’s Every Day Counts (EDC) program, 10 selected proven, yet underutilized innovations to enhance safety, reduce congestion, shorten project timelines, and improve sustainability.

The Every Day Counts webinar series is a new library that allows you to learn more about EDC innovations on demand. Current topics available include stakeholder partnering, data-driven safety analysis, and collaborative hydraulics: advancing to the next generation of engineering.

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