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Bicycles and motorcycles are widely-used transportation/recreation vehicles and an unstable platform. Compared with passenger vehicles, active safety technology is less developed for bicycle/motorcycle systems and yet it is urgently needed. The project will build a theoretical and algorithmic foundation for the bicycle-b…

FProject Status: Final Fiscal Year: FY2009/2010

The inspection of rebar installations and other embedded components in bridge deck construction is a tedious task for field inspectors, requiring considerable field time for measurement and verification against approved working drawings. The verification of rebar and dowel locations after concrete placement is another di…

FProject Status: Final Fiscal Year: FY2012/2013
60 30 RU846

This report discusses the development of a new software system that supports 3D/4D modeling and visualization efforts related to the review of roadside signage. By using 3D renderings of proposed signage projects and 4D “virtual drive-throughs”, engineers can evaluate newly proposed signage projects directly from the…

FProject Status: Final Fiscal Year: FY1999/2000
FHWA NJ 1999 002

The primary objective of this work was to produce a simulated 4D drive-through of a portion of highway(I-280 through Newark, NJ) for which proposed traffic-generator signing had to be reviewed. A 4D visualization was produced that combined 3D geometry rendering with the time element. Using the simulated drive-through, re…

FProject Status: Final Fiscal Year: FY1996/1997
FHWA NJ 2003 006

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) Research Division wanted to develop, implement, and maintain an advanced bicycle-safety-training course for elementary school students. The system integrated the latest distant learning tools, specifically interactive evaluation and testing capabilities. The goal was to…

FProject Status: Final Fiscal Year: FY2000/2001

The primary goal of this proposal is to develop a high-resolution distributed hydrologic model for the state of New Jersey. The model will provide space-time information of streamflow during flood events and will be calibrated/validated against USGS streamflow stations. The calibrated model will run for various Global Cl…

IPProject Status: In Progress Fiscal Year: FY2021/2022

One of the earliest and most essential decisions that must be made in any infrastructure project is the selection of which project delivery method (PDM) to use. Since the choice of the PDM will dictate the language in the contract and the timing of its signing; state DOTs, local agencies, and tribal governments must make…

IPProject Status: In Progress Fiscal Year: FY2021/2022

Transportation asset management has been gaining popularity in the United States and worldwide enabling to provide the required level of service in the transportation infrastructure assets in the most cost-eff…

FProject Status: Final Fiscal Year: FY2013/2014

The primary goal of this proposal is to develop and assess an innovative real-time proactive safety monitoring system based on the trajectory of road users (e.g., cars, pedestrians, and cyclists) collected by video cameras. The results of this project will provide a great opportunity for transportation agencies to rank a…

FProject Status: Final Fiscal Year: FY2020/2021

This study is an initial forecast into the potential impact that 3D printing will have, and as such, it will mainly consist of an extensive literature review and business survey.

The literature review will examine:

1) Variety of the applications of 3D printing that currently are underway, and

2) The …

FProject Status: Final Fiscal Year: FY2014/2015