NJLTAP Director’s Message

Have you attended any of the New Jersey Local Technical Assistance Program workshops lately? If you are unsure about attending a workshop, please consider that continuing to attend educational programs helps to boost job interest, keep up with current standards, and develop, maintain, and enhance skills. We have many opportunities for professional development for both you and your staff

This summer is a perfect time to schedule training and refresh your knowledge base. There are plenty of maintenance and operations focused, roadway safety focused, and project management focused workshops on our calendar. Please visit the website to see what might fit your needs.

We have been working with our partners at the Federal Highway Administration and New Jersey Department of Transportation to respond to your training requests. Based on feedback from previous stakeholder interest surveys, we have scheduled two unique opportunities in the fall for safety professionals- Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian and Modern Roundabouts- Intersections Designed for Safety.

We would like to remind our local public agencies that if there is a training need we can potentially assist you with, please reach out!


Making Connections

Reading technology magazines may give the impression that all cars will be talking to each other within months. Connected vehicle (CV) technology can enable vehicles to wirelessly communicate with one

Summer Driving Tips

Often when we discuss safe driving and dealing with elements of weather, our minds think of common threats like snow, ice, and rain. However, the summer months also have their