CAIT Staff

Christpher Mazzotta

Laboratory Researcher IV, CAIT
Rutgers University

CAIT, Rutgers University
100 Brett Rd
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8058

Chris Mazzotta has worked at the Rutgers Asphalt Pavement Laboratory since April 2017, where he currently produces and tests asphalt specimens for private indusrty and government agencies.

Since May 2010, Mazzotta has worked for the civil engineering department and CAIT in various capacities, including conducting condition assessments on concrete bridge decks and other concrete structures using nondestructive evaluation/nondestructive testing (NDE/NDT) technologies. He also developed deployment plans for NDE evaluation and developed literature relating to existing and emerging state-of-art NDE systems for inclusion in a national NDE resource library on behalf of FHWA.

Mazotta completed his B.S. in civil engineering at Rutgers in May 2010, his master’s in civil engineering (with a focus on structural engineering and NDT systems) in May 2014, and is currently pursuing a doctorate. Mazzotta aspires to continue his career finding solutions to pressing engineering challenges in transportation infrastructure.