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The major goal of this study is to search and critically evaluate the literature to determine how the HMA quality characteristics can best be incorporated into the existing NJDOT HMA pavement specification to produce a comprehensive and effective multi-characteristic acceptance specification that can be easily understood…

IPProject Status: In Progress Fiscal Year: FY2012/2013

This research will analyze data from the 2011 household travel survey for the Greater New York Metropolitan area, conducted by the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC) and the North Jersey Tran…

IPProject Status: In Progress Fiscal Year: FY2016/2017

The natural gas distribution system in the United States has 1.2 million miles of mains and about 65 million service lines (as of 2012). This distribution system, which consist of various material types, is subjected to various threats the impact of which differ depending on material, age, location, and operational funct…

IPProject Status: In Progress Fiscal Year: FY2014/2015

Robots are emerging force in some of the most challenging working environments. Whether they are flying drones or climbing robots, rigid machinery systems or soft robots made from flexible organic materials, their mix of mobility, strength, and configurability poises them to revolutionize the field of infrastructure main…

IPProject Status: In Progress Fiscal Year: FY2018/2019

The intended activities of the project are to:

  • Conduct comprehensive review of the existing ITS system architecture and implementation in New Jersey
  • Document the best practices in ITS system architecture practices in the country, which support transition to connected and electric vehicles
IPProject Status: In Progress Fiscal Year: FY2018/2019

The Port Authority of NY & NJ is a leader nationally in incorporating climate resilience into major capital projects at the design phase. The agency has adopted comprehensive design guidelines to improve the resilience of agency infrastructure. However, the agency is interested in documenting leading practices at pee…

IPProject Status: In Progress Fiscal Year: FY2018/2019

Current asphalt design procedures are solely based on volumetric principles and lack a valid methodology to ensure performance of the asphalt mixture considered during design. This research focuses on a state of the art practice called Balanced Mixture Design (BMD), where the gradation and optimum asphalt content are n…

IPProject Status: In Progress Fiscal Year: FY2018/2019

New Jersey’s transportation system, which comprises a vast array of infrastructure, is vulnerable to a range of extreme weather and climate-related hazards including: warming temperatures, temperature extremes, intense precipitation events, drought, rising sea levels, and storm surges. The impact of extreme weather and…

IPProject Status: In Progress Fiscal Year: FY2018/2019

The primary goal of this proposal is to evaluate a state of the art technology in roadway profiling called Zero Speed Profiling. Conceptually developed under NCHRP Project 10-93, “Measuring, Characterizing, and Reporting Pavement Roughness of Low-Speed and Urban Roads,” this research study will evaluate the…

IPProject Status: In Progress Fiscal Year: FY2018/2019

Recent issues regarding lead in urban drinking water system have arisen. Specifically, the water distribution system in Newark, NJ has attracted a great deal of attention prompting the City and State DEP to conduct widespread testing and even distribution of water treatment devices and bottled water. The water distributi…

IPProject Status: In Progress Fiscal Year: FY2018/2019