Affiliated Faculty

Haym Benaroya, Ph.D.

Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Rutgers University

Rutgers School of Engineering
98 Brett Road
Piscataway , NJ 08854-8058

Hyam Benaroya, Ph.D., has been a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Rutgers since 2004. His general interests include probabilistic methods, system dynamics and control, decision analysis, operations research, and public policy. He also has a keen interest in the history and development of scientific and mathematical ideas; engineering education; space business; and technology transfer.

Benaroya’s current research interests include: the stochastic modeling of ocean waves and currents; stochastic fluid-structure interaction modeling of vortex-shedding; nonlinear dynamics of offshore structures; analysis of stochastic parametric vibrations and stability; random vibration, risk and reliability of aerospace/space structures; modeling of space and lunar base structures.

In 2008, he received the Outstanding Technical Contribution award from ASCE. This is one of highest awards of the Aerospace Division and is given to an individual who has contributed substantially to advancing the state of the art in aerospace engineering, sciences and technology, and space exploration and construction with application to civil engineering.

In 2012, Benaroya received the Best Engineering Science Book Award from the International Academy of Astronautics for his book Turning Dust to Gold—Building a Future on the Moon and Mars.

He is a member of the International Academy of Astronautics and a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers of the British Interplanetary Society.