Industry Affiliate

Hooman Parvardeh, PMP, CSM

Managing Director
Bridge Intelligence, LLC

Bridge Intelligence, LLC
69 Hampshire Dr
North Brunswick, NJ 08902

Hooman Parvardeh is the managing director of Bridge Intelligence, LLC, a dynamic, user-focused software company that provides integrated solutions for bridge management, inspection, and evaluation. The flagship product of the company, inspectX, is a revolutionary 3D mobile bridge inspection platform with mobile app capabilities that will disrupt and transform how bridges are inspected.

Parvardeh was formerly a CAIT research project manager on the FHWA Long-Term Bridge Performance Program (LTBP). A major accomplishment during his tenure with CAIT was creating comprehensive online tool for bridge performance data and analysis, the LTBP Portal. Notably, he enlisted an all-student team to develop the product. The portal aggregates data from multiple sources (NBI, NBE, LTBP legacy data mining, NOAA weather data, and others) providing full biographical profiles for 611,000 U.S. bridges. It returns results for simple or complex queries for user input parameters or by using a wide range of filters, incorporated performance analysis capabilities, deterioration curves, maintenance histories, Google map views, and multiple ways to display data reports.